Digital Marketing is the backbone of service and product based companies. It is the method through which they create noise and get their products and services heard in a noisy market place. It has become a core part of the business today and anybody without it will simply fall behind and die.

So it is important to follow the trends that dominate the market. What may be the case a year ago will not be the same today. It can hinder your progress and even make you take a step back in the worst of the scenarios. So here are the affiliate marketing trends of 2019 that you need to follow.

Reviews will still be King

Reviews are the most reliable and easy ways to know what the consumers want and it will continue to be the case in 2019. People will still google for reviews and will see them in searches and consume them in the bucket-loads. When someone usually search for reviews, it is usually the last step before buying something and creating strong reviews will help you immensely.

Influencer Marketing will expand

Influencers, a term that didn’t exist in the digital marketing business until a few years ago has revolutionized the business itself. People who have a wide following and can influence the markets due to it are called influencers. Their role in the business will only increase in this year and the years to come. They are gaining huge traction and it will be the new normal in the future to turn towards them.

It will be Mobile First

Going mobile first will be the most noticeable trend in the digital marketing sector in the next year. More stress will be laid on mobile friendly sites. This is largely due to an algorithm released by Google last year that shows preference to mobile friendly sites. As the dependence towards mobiles increase, so will the rankings.

Voice Search Enters the Game

Speech recognition software has finally come of age. They are not trashy like before and can actually recognize what you are saying. According to a recent report, speech input will increase by nearly 50% in the next few years. Many companies already have great speech to text software and it will be imperative that you get hooked to it.

Go Beyond Google and Facebook

Google and Facebook have dominated the online marketing scene for the last few years. They host most of the ads you see online and have the resources to continue owning them. But the duopoly has many people dissatisfied and it is soon going to change. People, due to privacy concerns and the likes, are already looking for different platforms for their needs and it is better if you are ready for it.